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If you don’t toot your own horn, it goeth untooted.
— Joe R. Lansdale
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Bespoke coaching sessions

to help you see the wood for the trees

The rural tourism industry is getting more competitive by the day.

Pulling together and implementing a media strategy to manage your reputation can be both daunting and overwhelming. Even knowing where to start can put you off from the get-go.

You know you need to do it, you just don’t know how.

We’ve broken media strategy down into bite-sized topics to help you see the wood for the trees, give you some clarity and start telling your story across the media.

Whether you’re hoping to hit the headlines, increase traffic to your website or raise awareness on social media - your media strategy needs to build your reputation and win those competitive bookings. My bespoke PR power hours will get you motivated, set some goals and start seeing results in no time.

Book a free 30-minute discovery call with me to help us to identify your problem areas.

Choose from topics such as:

  • Defining your audience

  • Identifying and telling your story

  • Pitching your story to the press

  • Making the most of your social media channels

  • Content creation

  • Starting a blog

  • Managing your reviews

  • Creating a PR campaign

  • Responding to journalist requests

  • Creating memorable visitor experiences

    … and more. All of our power hours are tailored to your business, so if you can’t see what you’ve identified as your problem areas, get in touch and we’ll create a power-hour just for you.

We’ll then arrange an internet call or face-to-face coaching session to help you manage your media woes.

Each session will be tailored specifically to your needs and I’ll follow up with notes, action points and even check in on you to see how you’re getting on.

These sessions are really popular with my clients who have completed a full PR consultation with me and want to keep on track with their targets, build confidence and be held accountable. We’ll work together to create a bespoke coaching programme once your consultation is complete.