An innovative new campsite which has opened in the East Midlands has redefined luxury glamping by combining community, architecture and interior design.

In the Stix was opened this Summer in Greetham, Rutland, by Darren Blackwell and Alex Cowie and is the first campsite in the country to offer camping domes with a solid mezzanine second floor, creating a family-friendly camping experience that encourages visitors to engage with each other and local businesses during their stay.

It has taken them four years to plan and design the site in Darren’s home county of Rutland because the couple wanted the domes to be state-of-the-art.

Darren said: “We did a lot of research and looked for inspiration from other designs but Alex was determined to get a bathroom in there.

“Creating a second floor in the domes is unusual, we’ve only seen it at one other place in Europe, but enabled us to house the bathroom below while introducing a fun upper level for additional beds and making the lower level bedroom feel cosy. Our children have dubbed it the ‘secret staircase’.”

As well designing the four domes, which can sleep up to six people, Darren and Alex have positioned the domes so that they give privacy but are not remote from each other. They have also built a communal fire pit with reclaimed wooden benches, perfect for toasting marshmallows on lazy summer evenings.

Alex, who is a freelance property developer, said: “We were inspired on a weekend glamping ourselves when we stayed in a beautiful site with family and friends.

“We loved the vibe of the place and wanted to create something like that ourselves, where people and families can come together and enjoy being in the British countryside, with plenty of music and good food.”

Each of the domes has a wood burner, a wood-fired oven, field kitchen and a wood heated hot tub, as well as a plumbed in bathroom which took more than a year to connect to the nearest water supply.

Alex said: “We deliberately have not installed electricity or Wi-Fi as it’s about relaxing and spending time with your family and loved ones, exploring the great outdoors and all the wonderful things Rutland has to offer.”

The couple have also made a point of working with local businesses and suppliers where possible and are stocking products from local producers in their on-site shop.

Alex added: “Rutland has so much to offer. It’s where our hearts are and yet so many people still don’t know where it is.

“We want to push tourism in Rutland and get it on the map.”

In the Stix is located just off the A1, making it easily accessible from London, Peterborough and the North and is within walking distance of Greetham village, which has the second-best pub in the county according to Trip Advisor.

The nearest towns are Oakham and Stamford which both have train stations and are rich in culture and heritage, from Tudor houses to watersports and bike hire at Rutland Water, Britain’s largest man-made reservoir.

Darren and Alex have planning permission for up to 11 domes and hope to expand the site in coming years.

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Notes to editors:

Photos: Darren Blackwell and Alex Cowie sit on the ‘secret staircase’ in one of their state-of-the-art glamping domes. Credit: Rutland Creative

Darren and Alex on site. Credit: Rutland Creative

Interior and exteriors of In the Stix, Greetham, Rutland

About In the Stix:

In the Stix is a new family venture, the result of a five-year long dream. Set in the heart of stunning Rutland, our aim is to reconnect our guests with the great outdoors, camping but not as you previously knew it.

It is with this in mind that we have carefully designed our accommodation. Our unique domes are functional, yet with a hint of luxury. They provide all the conveniences that you don’t wish to give up without losing the campsite classics of outdoor cooking and campfires.

From the moment you arrive and put your luggage in your dome you can relax in your surroundings knowing everything has been provided for your convenience. All you have to do is enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones in our sensational setting. Sit back on your chesterfield leather sofa with your glass of wine and the log burner going and appreciate your spectacular view for the duration of your stay.

In the Stix is about spending uninterrupted time with your family, about leaving behind the stresses of work, the phones, the tablets, the PC, it’s about getting back to nature and doing it all in our remarkable location both indoors and outdoors you can’t go wrong.