The key aspect to creating a successful social media strategy is ensuring that your content is both relevant and engaging.

It's very easy to find something that you find interesting on the internet or on social media and share it on your timeline, but before you do think about these points:

1) Is it relevant to your brand?

Even if you find it interesting or amusing, will your audience? Remember that they're fans of your page or product and might not be interested in the same things as you. If your brand is built around yourself or your personality, then you're in luck and the chances are your followers like the same things you do. If not, ensure that before you post, you can link the content to your brand so that it's relevant.

If it's not relevant, consider posting it to your personal account.

2) Is it interesting?

While there's a lot of of interesting content out there that's worth sharing, there's also a lot of rubbish. Before you click the share or retweet button, think about whether it's interesting enough to attract attention. There's no need to share everything that you find interesting on your page, just the things that will inspire your followers to talk about your brand or product.

That's when it becomes engaging.

3) How will what you're sharing reflect on your brand?

Unless your business or product is politically driven, it's best to step away from current affairs that will run amok among your followers. If you feel it's relevant or engaging to your followers, then share at your own risk. 
Associating your brand with something can create a lot of backlash and lose you business. No matter how passionately you feel about something, be prepared to defend your beliefs and potentially lose customers if you're going to put them in the spotlight via your social media page.

4) There is such a thing as too much...

If you get a good response, it's really tempting to share lots of things that you like on your page in the hope that you'll get the same reaction. Things that go viral do so for a reason. They're topical, catch the right tone or have cats in them.
Sharing too much is overkill. Instead of sharing a similar thing several times, pick one and then spend a little bit of time or money promoting it or engaging with your followers by responding to their comments and creating a conversation. It'll show up in their timeline and attract more attention that way.

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