We asked Fiona Cox from Chater Fold to tell us her favourite story about her fold of Highland Cattle...

I have two very precious girls, Elspeth (Ellie) and BooBoo. They are half-sisters, always together and even I struggle to tell them apart sometimes.

BooBoo was near to calving and at 3am Darren [Fiona’s husband] and I checked her, went back home, grabbed an hour’s sleep, had a shower and I went back to the field.

It was thick fog…and I mean thick! I went through the gate and there was no sign of any of the girls. I knew something was wrong. There were 13 in the field and they always greet me.

As I walked across the field my heart was pounding. Then out of the fog Ellie came charging up to me, mooed twice and ran back. She then did this again.

As I got to the other side of the field it all became clear. BooBoo was in the bedroom (where the girls sleep) and cleaning up the most beautiful baby, who we named Duke. Ellie stood with her and protected him from all of the other girls as they wanted to meet the new arrival.

Honestly my heart was in my mouth and I have to admit, I shed a few tears. It was magical. Ellie had been trying to tell me to hurry and meet the new baby! I firmly believe this.

I go to the girls every day without fail, sometimes up to five times and I never go without my camera. I am very proud that I managed to capture this moment in a photo.

To me this photo is not just about new life, it is about our girls accepting us and letting us share the joy of their new born; it is about trusting us to have the first cuddles with them and it is about us knowing our animals so well.