People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
— Seth Godin

Not so long ago, PR started and ended with press coverage.

At Rural Roots Media we know that tourism and food & drink PR works a little differently.
Our team is made up on industry experts who are not only passionate about supporting rural businesses, they’ve also worked in busy newsrooms across the country, spent years building relationships with key media figures and know exactly what the media is looking for in a story.
We use our unique strategy that goes beyond traditional PR and gets right into the heart of your business to create a campaign that centres around how your business is impacting your industry, to build your reputation and encourage visitors or customers to come back time and again.

Our PR services include:

Media consultancy:
Before we begin your PR journey, we recommend that each of our clients books a bespoke media consultancy with us to assess their business and come up with a full 12-month plan to combine traditional and digital PR with social media, visitor experience and collaborations.
We'll visit you at your business address, meet the team and get to know you so that we understand what you do from the very beginning. Plus, we think personality is really important when working closely with someone, so it's best to meet you face-to-face.
We'll ask you lots of questions over a cuppa, experience the business for ourselves and then go away and put together a one-off strategy that outlines how to tell your story across multiple platforms and ensure you are reaching your audience at all levels.
We can then either mentor you through the process of implementing it or do the hard work for you with our retained packages (see below).

Site assessments:
Ever wondered why you’re not getting rave reviews on social media? Or how you could improve your visitor experience and start winning those much sought after industry awards?
Visitor or customer experience should be as much a part of your PR campaign as gaining media coverage. It’s the experiences that you give to your visitors that sets you apart and gets them talking about you - and that’s the best PR there is, word of mouth.
We’ll come out and assess your site, looking at the smallest details; from communication before the visit to the visit itself and give you a series of pointers that you can use to improve visitor experience on site and online.
We can then mentor you through the changes and keep you on track.

Retained contracts (minimum six months):
This is where PR really comes into its own. If you’re looking for a campaign that will help to build your businesses reputation over time, ensure your target market see you time and again and keep people talking about you, then our retained packages are exactly what you need.
They range from one-to-one mentorship so that you’re in control of your communications, to a fully outsourced service which includes regular campaigns and social media management.

One-off campaigns:
If you’re looking for a one-off campaign to help you to reach a new audience, tell a particular story or target a certain media outlet, then we can help you to put together a plan that will do just that.
We assess each campaign, starting with target markets and ending with a unique strategy to reach them (there is no ‘one campaign fits all’ here. We’ll create the content that you need across traditional, digital and social platforms, as well as looking at how your campaign will impact your visitors or create experiences that will make you stand out from the crowd. We’ll then use our contacts to ensure your campaign reaches the people you need it to.

Press releases:
We still believe in the power of the written word and while press releases are no the be all and end all of a campaign, they can certainly help to introduce you to a target publication or gain coverage for story.
If you already have great contacts but just need someone to write a press release that will stand out to editors and be tailored to their needs, we’ll consult with you and come up with the best angle to do so.

Journalist requests:
Journalist requests are a great way of getting your businesses into the press if you don’t know where to begin.
Journalists are always looking for information for articles they’re writing - from digital magazines looking for seasonal recipes to national newspapers compiling a list of the best hotels.
But finding opportunities is both expensive and time-consuming, so let us do the hard work for you.
For a monthly fee, we’ll keep an eye on journalist requests and ensure your business is at the top of a journalist’s inbox if you fit the bill.