A new immersive natural play area will officially open at Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre on Tuesday, 2 July.

Using features of the natural landscape, including the stream and woodland, the play area will encourage children to reconnect with nature through adventure play.

It will be officially opened at 1pm, followed by a celebration near the Grade II* listed Watermill with refreshments provided by Origin8. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The project has been funded by a £50,000 grant from Augean South Ltd following a recommendation from the King’s Cliffe and Thornhaugh Environmental Associations. The William Scott Abbott Trust which operates the visitor centre at Sacrewell contributed a further £15,000.

Engagement Manager, Nikki Cherry, said: “The Trustees, staff and everyone involved with the William Scott Abbott Trust at Sacrewell are absolutely delighted that our application to the Augean Community Fund was successful and has enabled us to design an area of natural play, creating a space that children can engage with the outdoors in an adventurous way.”

Sacrewell worked with pioneers in natural play, Earth Wrights Ltd., which designed activities that include den and nest building, balance beams, walks and bridges that complement the area, which is located near the popular Pooh Sticks Bridge.

Mrs Cherry added: “There will be significant outcomes from this project, but in particular the impact on children’s enjoyment, learning and well being will be immense. It will be a fun natural space for families to get together, play, splash, climb and spend time together at the farm – something core to us as a charity to promote, inspire and encourage people to do.

Thank you so much to Augean for supporting this exciting project.”

Sacrewell is open seven days a week from 9.30am – 5pm (9.30am to 4pm in winter). 

For more information visit Sacrewell.org.uk

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We’d be delighted if you’d like to attend the official opening of the play area to be among the first to try our new and exciting project.
Families welcome.
If you plan to come along, please let our Visitor Operations Manager, Jack Pishhorn, know by emailing jack.pishhorn@sacrewell.org.uk

About Sacrewell & The William Scott Abbott Trust

Since 1964, Sacrewell has been run as a charity by the William Scott Abbott Trust with the aim of connecting people of all ages and backgrounds to the science, heritage and practical art of agriculture and to give insight into the trail that leads from farm to fork.

The funds raised from the farm are reinvested into the upkeep, the livestock, the heritage buildings and supporting countryside learning.

About The Augean Community Fund

All waste that is landfilled is subject to Landfill Tax. However, a percentage of this levy can be used to fund environmental and community projects through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF).
The Augean Community Fund was therefore established in 2014, enabling Augean PLC to work in partnership with GrantScape, who are an enrolled Environmental Body under the LCF. This grant programme supports projects in the vicinity of Augean’s Thornhaugh and King’s Cliffe landfill sites.

Its objective is to improve the lives of these local communities by providing new and better amenities, by delivering significant environmental benefits and by creating local jobs.
Recommendations on all grants from the Fund are made by King’s Cliffe Environmental Association (KCEA) and Thornhaugh Environmental Association (TEA). These two committees comprise volunteers from the villages of King’s Cliffe, Thornhaugh and nearby who are best able to represent local community priorities.

The Augean Community Fund has approximately £200,000 available per annum. There are two funding rounds each year, and grants are available for amounts normally between £5,000 and £50,000.

For full details, please see: http://grantscape.org.uk/fund/augean-community-fund/

About GrantScape:

GrantScape is a grant-making charity committed to enhancing the environment and strengthening local communities through its grant programmes. GrantScape’s experience stretches back to 1997 and it has awarded grants totalling over £85 million to deserving projects over this time.
GrantScape manages a range of community and environmental grant programmes on behalf of corporate and local authority clients. These are tailored to their individual requirements, which is the charity’s speciality. In addition, GrantScape offers a professional project management and grant process review service to groups requiring support with these activities.

For further information, please see: www.grantscape.org.uk
For more information contact Karen Roberts at Grantscape on 01908 247637 or email karen.roberts@grantscape.org.uk