Doing what I do for a living I use social media a lot, both professionally and personally, and I use each platform differently. On Twitter I’m a small business owner and networker; on Instagram I’m a tourist and on Facebook, I’m a consumer.

And on Pinterest I’m an addict but rubbish at using it for blogging, so let’s not go there...

I gain something from each platform every time I visit it; whether it’s information for an article or a new business lead.

And like most, I have favourite accounts that I visit time and again for interesting content.

So, to round up 2017, I thought I’d take you through some of my favourite accounts of the year and why you should be following them. 


Tara Punter PR - like me, Tara is a UK -based rural PR but she specialises in agriculture and equestrian. Not only does she share some great content from her clients, she also gives fantastic advice for small rural businesses on how best to utilise social media without sounding patronising. As one of my peers, I learn a lot from her and we’ve even recommended clients to each other, proving social business networking really does work.

NFU Countryside - as a country girl myself, I’m probably NFU Countryside’s target market, so naturally, the accounts they retweet or the content they share engages me. They’re also really active and supportive on social media as they build up a community around their brand, so are constantly sharing posts from other rural businesses and I’m really delighted to have worked with them on an article which will be published in the February edition.

PR & Journo Requests - or more importantly #JournoRequest or #PRRequest is an amazing service which connects journalists with PRs or business owners. It’s helped me find leads, build relationships and get great content (both as a PR and a journalist). Part of me worries how sustainable it is, but for now, it’s doing a great job.


The Wee White Dug - I want a Westie (West Highland Terrier). This is not a new thing, I’ve wanted one for most of my adult life but am yet to get the right husband ;) However, I now live vicariously with one through The Wee White Dug’s Instagram feed. He travels Scotland with his Mum and Dad and they visit the most beautiful places. As far as travel influencers go, these are top of my list.

The National Trust - love them or hate them, The National Trust has a great Instagram feed and their use of Instagram Stories, in particular, is brilliant. They seem to lead the way in the UK tourism industry when it comes to creating engaging content and I like seeing what they’re up to, not only for tourist inspiration but for professional storytelling goals as well.

The Brit Crowd - I first came across The Brit Crowd when I started sharing tourist posts on Instagram properly a few years ago. By using the hashtag #MyBritain they select the best photos from UK tourists and regram them from the account and it really is inspirational for British tourists. There are several accounts that do this on Instagram, and each has wonderful content, but The Brit Crowd’s blog is what sets it apart for me as it’s so well written and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily on an article about Rutland, so I know how brilliant she is as a journalist and as an influencer.


Janet Murray - as I said at the beginning of this blog, on Facebook I’m a consumer and that means both professionally and personally. The best networking I do is with others within my profession and Soulful PR is a great community of small business owners, PRs and journalists led by Janet Murray who shares regular content with amazing PR tips and ideas. As a result, I’ve bought her book and her 2018 media diary which, in turn, will benefit my clients.

Insider Travel/Food - if I could describe my dream job, it would probably be the girl who does all the food reports for Insider Travel because I get jealous almost every time I see her latest video. I feel like she’s a friend as I see her face so much. They travel the world making videos and showcasing food and travel trends... it’s simple but great content and I want to go everywhere they go and eat (almost) everything they eat, so it clearly works.

Country Living - ok, I saved this one for last because I don’t want to stereotype myself and it’s a guilty pleasure but I do love (most of) the content that Country Living Magazine produces. Some of it’s a bit twee but not too click-baity (my pet hate) and as a life-long American Studies student, I do often find myself drooling over the recipes and reading love stories of country singers I’ve never heard of... well played, Country Living, well played.