This probably reads like a bit of a brag post, which it sort of is and sort of isn't. There is a purpose (and if we don't pat our own back every now and then, who will)?

I had a really simple but lovely email this morning which reminded me of why I started my business in the first place. I think, as business owners, we can get caught up in what we're doing and often forget why we're doing it.

I work with several clients across many platforms and on different levels.

This morning I had an email from one of my smallest clients - in fact, probably the smallest. Not in size, but in the amount of work I do for them. I put together a plan for them every month and off they go - they just need a little steer.

We're coming to the end of our current contract (we work three months on, three months off to suit their peak seasons) and today they said: "Something is working - we have more bookings for next year than ever before!

"Keep up the good work!"

Now, if any of you who are reading this work in PR, you know it can be a thankless job. Whether it's journalists copying press releases word for word and putting their by-line on it, or working tirelessly for a client who doesn't even say thanks; So to hear from a small client that the tiny bit of work you've been doing for them has made such a huge impact on their business is like Christmas day.

So if they're reading this - thank you! You've made my day.

And it reminded me that that's why I started my business and this blog. To give small businesses that can't afford to employ bigger agencies access to PR advice and services and the flexibility to tell their story effectively.

So, my business plans for next year will include doing a bit more of just that. You could say it's my own rural roots.

If you'd like to speak to me about ways I can help your small rural tourism business, please get in touch.