There’s no such thing as bad publicity...
— Phineas T. Barnum

Right? Wrong!

Don't assume that your PR campaign is only successful if it reaches regional or national media.

It’s not always a good thing, especially as most of the bigger channels only report bad news; news that will have a bigger impact on their audience and is in the public interest to know.

In fact, the best way to get national coverage comes through hard work and lots of content. For example, if you blog regularly about your known subject and build up a good reputation for knowing about the field, you may be called upon by regional or national press to comment on a story that they’re running about your industry.

It all comes back down to messaging.

It's common sense that a good reputation will mean better business and a bad one will lose you clients, money and respect.

For rural businesses it's even harder to be heard in the national arena, but a reputation locally is just as, if not more important.

There aren't as many national news outlets that will run stories about rural interests because the majority of their readers or audiences live in urban areas. And this may sound like a crazy thing to say, but that's fine.

What's the point in telling the nation about your business/product/story if they're not your target market? Unless you have the capacity to go national with your product or story, then you're not ready for that market yet anyway.

One brand which has gone global through great storytelling and which I'm in awe of is Villager Jim. If you're a fan of Countryfile, you'll be well acquainted with them but theirs is a story about going global that we can all aspire to.

My advice for those just starting to think about a PR strategy? Start small, think local, communicate and don't get obsessed with the fact that national coverage is great. More often than not, it's not.

Please get in touch if you're a rural business owner who would like to chat about creative PR, and don't forget to read my full PR 101 series for the low down on how it can help you.