When I approach a PR strategy I look at five aspects before pitching: Reputation, communication, people, partnerships and most importantly storytelling.

So, let's break the PR strategy down, starting with my favourite part.


All PR campaigns begin with a story. Whether it’s a celebrity couple who want to make sure the paparazzi know they’re dating to a supermarket which is in trouble for serving rats tails in their noodles, their story is vital to building or preserving their reputation.


This one is probably the most important of them all. What are we without reputation? If we want to be reputed for doing something, we need to first build and preserve that reputation through proving that we know what we're doing in our chosen field.

When planning your PR campaign, be sure that the stories you tell won't damage your reputation, and don't get involved in conversations online that might affect your business.


Knowing your audience is imperative. Who are you communicating with and how are you going to get the message across? 

It comes down to things such as what they prioritise, their budget and even where they live, enabling you to better target them. And of course, what stories do they want to be told?


With your audience in mind, communication is targeting the right people through the channels most visible to them. 

It seems obvious, but remember that it's no use targeting your audience through channels they don't use. Misplaced advertising can end up costing you thousands for very little return, whereas targeted PR will reach them via several channels and at a lesser cost.


Who can you work with to help you get your messages across?

Sometimes working with another company with similar goals can benefit your messaging and boost your engagement.

Simple things such as social media sharing, working with other businesses for the community and competitions can work well to reach a new audience.


Most of these points can't be achieved alone and needs a PR full strategy to ensure maximum engagement.

Please get in touch if you think your story could benefit from targeted PR and check back next week a look at good and bad PR.