Today I'm 32 and I always feel a bit reflective on my birthday ... Which is why today's blog is written in defence of Facebook (and features the ghosts of birthdays past).

My favourite feature on Facebook at the moment is Facebook Memories.

Having signed up to the social networking site as a student at an American university back in 2004, I have more than 10 years of memories to unlock-and a lot happens from the age of 20 to 32.

Every day Facebook is showing me something from my past that I had forgotten. Those infuriating cryptic statuses we all used to put up for attention seeking purposes are now the bane of my mornings. What was I talking about? Was it really a problem? Was it resolved?

More favourable are the happy memories-the travels and adventures with friends; buying my first apartment; going on a first date with the man who is now my husband.

Increasingly, I have stopped posting so much. There was a phase when I posted so much I annoyed myself... I'm much more careful about what aspects of my personal life I share.

And it's wide-spread. There seems to be this feeling among Millennials that sharing life events is bragging, being proud of your achievements is a faux-pas. Sometimes I think satirical websites like The Daily Mash have a hidden camera in my office, because they hit the nail on the head time and again and have me in stitches.

But some people are scared of becoming a stereotype and centre of ridicule.

I say keep on sharing. Enjoy the stereotype of being young; buying your first property; getting married.

The wonderful thing about Facebook is you can choose who you share things with and they can choose whether or not they want to see it.

In years to come you'll enjoy your memories popping up every day to remind (and infuriate) you about the things that were important to you at the time.

And I will continue to be grateful we did not have Snapchat in the early Noughties.