If you have a Facebook Business account, you probably get regular emails from them with updates on their latest tools.

Some of them are great. There's some interesting videos going around about how to go live with video and how to better target your audience with advertising. Facebook targeting is, in my opinion, the best thing to happen to digital marketing and can save you a fortune on your marketing budget.

But sometimes it can be pretty pointless and I think Facebook could take a leaf out of its own book, thinking about the businesses it's targeting with its tools.

This morning one arrived in my inbox introducing a new way to target people globally and internally my stomach did a little leap-maybe I could target my page at rural communities around the world.

The new tool allows you to identify similar audiences to yours around the world so that you can better target your product to them.

But on reflection, is it really necessary for small, rural businesses?

As much as I'd love to jet off to help a small charity in Sri Lanka that's saving elephants (please note: dream job), my business model just doesn't support that kind of thing at the moment. And would the posts I shared on my page last week about hedgehog safety on Bonfire Night be relevant to rural Alabama? In short, no. My page is very much targeted at a rural British community audience.

My advice when getting these additional tools from Facebook is to think carefully about your audience and your business model before jumping on the band wagon.

If you're a small, rural business who is currently targeting customers within a 20-mile radius, by expanding your business globally you could either be wasting precious marketing money (do some market research first); or you need to be prepared for the increase in business that might result in it, so don't jump in head first without planning how you'll cope with the direct increase in sales. The last thing you want to do is let your regular customers down because you can't cope with demand.

If you do decide to try the new tool, I'd love to hear about your experiences, so please get in touch. After all, I tell my customers that social media is a constant experiment - there is no set model - and this one could well pay off for you, if you're ready.