Rural: Late Middle English. From Old French, or from late Latin ruralis, from rus, rur- ‘country’.
— -(Oxford Dictionaries)

We're more than just a media agency. We're part of the rural business network and can support you in a number of ways.

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Megan has worked in tourism and hospitality from the age of 16 and has collected almost every badge you can get - from working as an "underwater ceramics technician" to senior management level and her pint-pulling skills are renowned across the land. Or Oakham, at least.

Combined with the blessing or curse that is blue-sky thinking, she's actually a pretty handy person to have as part of your team as she's brimming with ideas and the enthusiasm to boot.


Rural Roots is based in the beautiful county of Rutland, UK, and is founded with a passion for and specialism in rural tourism and visitor experience.

Megan grew up in Uppingham and the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree, settling down seven miles away with her husband, Nick and cat, Lagertha, in historic Oakham. That's not without uprooting herself a few times first though.

She was at university in Northampton and South Carolina before completing her journalism training in London. However, as a country girl at heart, she only lasted a year in the city before moving back to her own rural roots - which is where the business got its inspiration. She's determined to prove that you can build a successful media career without living in a city.

Megan has more than 12 years media experience, both as an NCTJ qualified senior journalist and CIPR accredited PR practitioner, working across the tourism sector, from castles to campsites and farm to fork. As a self-confessed history lover and foodie with constantly itchy feet, it only seemed natural that she built a career in the tourism sector - acting as a cheerleader for any business that is proudly supporting the British countryside and encouraging visitors to look deeper at its incredible heritage.

Her hands-on campaigns are centred around growing your reputation as an expert in your field, to capture and entice your target audience across multiple platforms and ensure visitor experience is at the heart of everything you do.

Megan is a keen traveller herself and enjoys writing about the rural tourism industry in the national and local press and through her own website, The Rural Travel Guide - whether it's a new campsite launch or how the British vodka industry is driving tourism to the countryside.

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She wants visitors to the Great British countryside to be inspired and take great memories, stories and a few souvenirs home with them through alternative and engaging PR campaigns.

As a regional award-winning and nationally highly commended rural business, our aim is to provide SMEs with the skills they need to tell their stories, compete with changing trends and engage with tech-savvy audiences through public relations and academy packages that will give them as much control over their own story-telling as possible. After all, people buy from people.

Take a look at our blog for inspiration.

So, if you have a story that needs to be told while working with an agency that's down-to-earth and understands rural audiences, please get in touch or take a look at our press area for examples of our work.