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Intro to Rural Roots

Welcome to Rural Roots


Public Relations | Training | Media Consultancy | Journalism | Creative Content


Intro to Rural Roots

Welcome to Rural Roots


Public Relations | Training | Media Consultancy | Journalism | Creative Content

Everything you do or say is public relations...
— Unknown


Welcome to Rural Roots Media.
We're a small media agency that specialises in rural tourism; working across the sector in travel, food and drink, hospitality, events and heritage to support businesses
 from the roots up.

With a background in journalism and marketing management, we've worked with businesses from castles to campsites and farm to fork to build their reputation and attract visitors across specialisms from eco-tourism to farm diversification.

Rural Roots has a unique formula for breaking down a media strategy, using what we call our 'Five PRinciples'; Traditional media, digital media, social media, visitor experience and collaborations.

Whether you're a small start-up looking for a little PR support or an established business that is ready to outsource, we have a media package that is perfect for your business, from fully-integrated PR and media consultancy options to our basic Academy package, which allows you to dictate your own plans and campaigns with just a little guidance from us.

We also offer bespoke services such as one-off consultations, copywriting and social media support and collaborate with photographers, web designers and graphic designers to offer bespoke packages.

If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch. We'll be delighted to chat through what you need.

Find out what our clients and media partners have to say about us:

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Public Relations


Public Relations

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
— Seth Godin

Many people think PR starts and ends with press coverage but we know tourism PR works a little differently. At Rural Roots we won't just tell your story; we'll look at how your businesses is impacting your industry and why you provide a unique visitor experience to build your reputation and encourage visitors or customers. Your business starts with you and people increasingly want to engage with brands at a personal level.

 Minimum three-month contract (Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a reputation)

Minimum three-month contract (Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a reputation)

Public relations is by far the most effective form of communications as it encourages conversations. If you think about it, are you more likely to visit an attraction because you saw an advert for it, or because a friend told you it was great? We value other people's opinions. And that's what the root of PR is all about - influencing, storytelling and giving people something to talk about.

There are so many ways of building your reputation and getting your name out there-from press engagement to Facebook live posts. And because every story is different, so is each campaign.

An initial bespoke PR consultancy:

Our public relations packages begin with a full consultancy worth £500, to assess your business and come up with bespoke ways to combine traditional and digital PR with social media, visitor experience and collaborations. We'll help you tell your story across multiple platforms and ensure you are reaching your audience at all levels.

Press releases and blogs:

Our journalism experience has given us an insight into the media industry that benefits both journalists and clients; being able to deliver a story that is targeted to a specific journalist or platform is just as important as creating content that appeals to a specified audience. Therefore, for each press release or blog we write, we do a lot of research into ensuring we work with the right journalist or the right publication, rather than doing a full sweep of all platforms in the hope that one will run your story.

We're also very careful about with influencers we work with and not just based on the amount of followers they have. We look at their audience, social media channels, engagement levels and the quality of their work before we'd consider recommending them to a client.

This approach has successfully gained our clients coverage in the national press, targeted local titles and on consumer platforms including The Daily Telegraph, NFU Countryside Magazine and Rock 'n' Roll Bride.

Your own news room on TravMedia and Food4Media

TravMedia and Food4Media are platform that connect PRs with journalists in the relevant industry and we'll create a newsroom for each of our clients so that we can keep our connections in the loop with what's going on with your brand. We'll be able to share updates and press releases, ensuring your news is reaching the right journalists, bloggers and influencers.

Journalist requests with responses complied by us:

We'll go out of our way to source alternative PR opportunities by working closely with journalists and answering requests for information and expertise on your behalf; opening doors that would otherwise have been shut.

Monthly or weekly consultations:

And, to ensure you stay focused and on track with your social media, business development and everything in between, we work one-to-one with our clients to support wherever we can with monthly or weekly Skype or phone consultations. Topics can include anything from what to post that week to forward business planning to what to serve for breakfast.

Rural PR Academy membership:

As part of your package we'll also give you membership of and access to The Rural PR Academy, which will help to steer your media campaigns, connect you with other rural tourism businesses and inspire your content.

PLUS support across our channels:

We work hard to build our own reputation as experts in the rural tourism field and can therefore support our PR clients across our own channels. We even have our own media platform, The Rural Travel Guide, and our social media channels specifically target visitors to the British countryside.

For more information or to speak to us about our packages, please get in touch.

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The Rural PR Academy

The Rural PR Academy

The Rural PR Academy

The Rural PR Academy

I’ve said it before, and by gosh, I’ll say it again — don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.
— Emlyn Chand

New for 2018, the Rural PR Academy is a unique programme designed with rural businesses in mind to help them to tell their story in a way only they can. After all, people buy from people.

Academy packages.jpg

Public Relations is an investment in your business covering everything from social media to features in the national press. Whether you employ an agency like us to do it, or invest your own time, if you put together a decent strategy and start communicating on the right platforms, it will soon pay for itself a dozen times over.

But we fully understand that some people like to tell their own story and as a small, rural business ourselves, we know there is not always a huge budget to throw at an all singing and dancing media campaign.

So, rather than leave small businesses by the way-side, we've put together a step-by-step coaching programme to help you to put together your own strategy month-by-month, so that by the end of the course, you'll know exactly what stories you're telling and to who.

And there are options too, depending on the level of support you'd like. The Plant and Shoot packages are suitable for all businesses who want some help in putting together a media strategy and one-to-one guidance.
Grow is specifically targeted at tourism and food and drink businesses as we offer bespoke services across these industries.

All packages include:

An initial Skype or phone consultation:

We'll consult with every new academy member to ensure they know what's on the cards and help them to find the package that's right for them based on time and budget.

Membership of The Rural PR Academy:

Course material is accessed through our website. Each month we'll post a link in the Facebook group with the password.

Access to our Facebook Community:

You'll then be invited to join our Facebook community to engage with other rural businesses in the tourism, food and drink and hospitality sectors. This is also where we'll link to resources and hold live video sessions each month.

Shoot and Grow packages also include a combination of:

A joint Dropbox folder:

If you choose a 'Shoot' or 'Grow' package, we'll provide you with a  link to your own Dropbox folder (shared with us) in which you can store all course materials, including images for the all-important journalist requests.

One hour consultation per month:

We'll chat to you once a month on Skype or the phone to provide business support and advice. It can range from social media support to forward business planning (we're quite multi-talented).

Or, quite frankly, as a small rural business ourself, we know it can be isolating and sometimes it just nice to sit down with a cuppa and bat ideas around with someone who understands the situation and the industry. We'll even provide the biscuits, as you'll find out.

Relevant journalist requests with responses compiled by you. This service is for food & drink and tourism businesses only due to restrictions on the service:

Journalist requests come directly from journalists, freelance writers, bloggers or PRs who are looking for help with an article or event and include opportunities to comment, provide information, offer review stays or even sponsor content across national or trade titles, putting you directly in the path of your target audience. We'll hand-pick the ones that are relevant to your business and email them to you as and when they arrive. It's then up to you to write a response, which we will then forward onto the journalist.

If you'd like to get on board, please get in touch and we can send you a full itinerary of everything that's covered in the Academy, from the very basics of What is PR? to pitching your story to the national press.

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Bespoke services

Bespoke services

Bespoke services

Bespoke services

My task, which I’m trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel-it is, before all, to make you see.
— Joseph Conrad

We're more than just a media agency. We're part of the rural business network and can support you in a number of ways.

Bespoke services (2).jpg

Megan has worked in tourism and hospitality from the age of 16 and has collected almost every badge you can get - from working as an "underwater ceramics technician" to senior management level and her pint-pulling skills are renowned across the land. Or Oakham, at least.

Combined with the blessing or curse that is blue-sky thinking, she's actually a pretty handy person to have as part of your team as she's brimming with ideas and the enthusiasm to boot.

So, if you're not sure whether you need month-to-month support but need some friendly advice or want to add one of these options to a package above, get in touch to discuss the options:

Marketing support:

While PR is our specialism, we know it sits in line with your overall marketing goals, so would be happy to go through various options with you, from budgeting to advertising.

Business consultation:

We bring our five PRinciples into our business consultations and look at everything from your social media channels to your visitor experience.


If you're an editor who would like to speak to us about bespoke content for your media outlet with a focus on rural tourism, please let us know. Our rates are flexible.

Public relations training:

If you don't want to commit to the Rural PR Academy but know you need some training in your PR, we can provide bespoke training packages to suit your business needs.

Social media training:

This can be part of the PR training package (above) or as a stand-alone session. We'd be happy to take a look at your social media accounts and offer support and guidance from which networks work to content.

Media relations training:

Talking to the media can be scary (trust us, we've been on both sides of the mic), so understanding what the media is looking for and getting inside the head of a reporter can be really beneficial. We can help you to preempt the questions you'll be asked, compose strong responses and even arrange for you to speak to a journalist "off the record" to realise they're just human, too.


Copy can make or break your business. If you're not a competent writer but want to streamline your website, compose a killer blog or send out a targeted press release, we'll be happy to help. We can even help you to find your voice and give your brand personality.

Cake (beer, cider, gin, etc, etc) tasting:

We're happy to save you the calories.

To send us cake samples or for more information about our bespoke services, please get in touch.