Public relations is an essential part of any marketing strategy and should complement the branding and messaging of your business or event.

In its simplest form, it's about capturing the attention of your audience in a more subtle way than outright advertising; building a relationship with them through creative communications (PR and social) and influencing them to support your messages.

Behind every PR campaign is a good story. Your story is your hook and introduces your brand to clients in ways that they can relate to, helping you to build and maintain a great reputation based on your unique set of values or your product.

Some of the biggest brands still use their "grass roots" stories to sell their products. J.D Wetherspoon and Virgin are two of the biggest brands with one story in common-they were built from nothing. Even famous people who have become brands in their own right are well known for their stories. JK Rowling penned the concept for Harry Potter on a train from Edinburgh to London. That story is part of who she is.

In PR, content is king. You need to start and maintain conversations around your business in order to create the biggest impact.

By thinking about things creatively, there are a number of ways stories can be told; press releases, social media, video, photography and digital content can all be utilised to put a message across. You may wish to focus on one element, or mix and match your communications to reach different audiences.

If you have a good story to tell, whether it’s an anniversary, award or a new business with a great story behind it, get in touch and we can discuss the best strategy to tell it.

Or, if you're unsure about your strategy, we can help to put you in touch with a marketing expert who can help you to build your campaign and discuss whether PR is the right way forward...

Next week I'll be looking at the difference between advertising and PR.